BW-CGC consultancy is focused on coastal engineering with an emphasis on Hydrodynamic and Sediment dynamic processes in coastal (beaches, bays, estuaries, tidal inlets, harbours…) and offshore (continental shelf and slope) areas.

With more than 15 years of experience, Benoit Waeles has a strong background in the different components of coastal engineering: physical processes analysis, numerical modelling and in-situ measurements. After 5 years in applied research at Ifremer institute (France), he started to be involved in consultancy within Creocean company where he became project manager and technical advisor coordinating a team (up to 6 coastal engineers).

Throughout his experience, he has leaded and participated to oceanographic studies in various areas: Atlantic Ocean (France, Morocco, West Indies, Guiana, Brazil, Gabon, Cuba, Argentina, Philippines); English Channel; Mediterranean Sea (Corsica, Italy, Morocco, Libya); Red Sea (Jordan); Persian Gulf (Qatar); Pacific Ocean (French Polynesia, New Caledonia); Indian Ocean (Oman, Reunion Island, Myanmar). That improved his physical oceanography background and is essential to be able to define a relevant methodology when starting a project on a specific coastal area.

Leading various coastal and also offshore engineering projects (see following chapters for details) he is used to provide relevant hydrodynamic and sediment dynamic expertise for engineering design purposes. One of his main task is also to assess coastal morphological evolutions and potential impacts of anthropogenic actions (engineering works, dredging and associated disposals, beach nourishment…). His expertise is involved in projects related to coastal erosion and morphological evolutions, coastal protection, flood risks, renewable marine energy, oil and gas...

Benoit Waeles carries out an independent consultancy activity since 2014.

Following a Master's degree focusing on coastal dynamics at Bordeaux University (France) and 5 years of applied research on coastal hydrodynamics and morphodynamics at La Rochelle University (France), Thomas Guérin joined BW-CGC consultancy in October 2018.

Alexis Beudin holds a Master's degree in civil and hydraulic engineering,  and a Master's degree in physical oceanography. He has been involved in applied research during 7 years at Brest University (France), at the U.S. Geological Survey (Woods Hole, USA) and at Bordeaux University. He joined BW-CGC consultancy in January 2019.

Jean-Rémy Huguet holds an engineering degree in Hydrography-Oceanography from ENSTA Bretagne and a Master degree in Physical Oceanography from the University of Brest. After 5 years of experience in applied research, in particular in port engineering (PhD thesis on port siltation conditions, University of La Rochelle) and on coastal hazards (European Risc-Kit project), he joined BW-CGC in July 2020.

Baptiste Mengual holds a Master’s degree in Physical Oceanography (Geosciences) obtained at the University of La Rochelle. He has been involved in applied research dedicated to hydro-sediment dynamics and morphodynamics (continental shelf and coastal zones) during 7 years, including 5 years at the IFREMER Center (where he held his PhD Thesis) and 2 years at the CNRS/La Rochelle University. He joined BW-CGC consultancy in December 2020.

Arthur Mouragues holds a Master of Engineering in Mathematic Modelling and Mechanics from ENSEIRB-MATMECA (Bordeaux INP) and a Master of Research Science in Mechanics from University of Bordeaux. After 4 years of applied research on coastal hydrodynamics, including a Phd thesis focusing on the dynamics of waves and wave-induced circulation in the nearshore and a post-doctoral position working on modelling headland rips during high-energy wave events, he joined BW-CGC consultancy in February 2022.

BW-CGC is now a close team of 6 PhDs in physical oceanography that places its coastal engineering expertise at the disposal of major companies, contracting authorities and also offers an expert support to engineering companies.

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