References & professionnal experiences

BW-CGC consultancy

2020 (in progress). Suez Consulting for the Société d’Aménagement Zenata (Morocco). Specific morpho-sedimentary analysis for the design of 5 storm water outfalls.

2019-2020 (in progress). Setec Hydratec for the Société d’Aménagement Zenata (Morocco), Zenata city development project. Coastal hydrodynamic and morpho-sedimentary analysis of the beach/dune system, and recommendations for the securing of the dune and the urban area backward.

2019-2020 (in progress). Suez Consulting/Actimar for Lorient city council. Morpho-sedimentary analysis, and assessment of erosion and coastal flooding hazards.

2019-2020 (in progress). Suez Consulting/Actimar for the Mayotte Island departmental council. Sediment dynamic and morphodynamic analysis within the framework of the development of maritime stations.

2019-2020 (in progress). Consortium EGIS-INCLAM-KECC for the Department of Public Works and Highways, Philippines. Infrastructure preparation and Innovation Facility – Flood Risk Management component. Coastal Engineering expert for the consortium: hydrodynamic, sediment dynamic and morphodynamic analysis of 5 coastal areas (estuaries, mouths and adjacent coastlines) of Philippines. Marine boundary conditions for river flooding models. Assessment of the future evolutions of the mouths and coastlines. Diagnosis of coastal protection works (with regards to erosion and coastal flooding hazards). Recommendations and pre-design of coastal works for river flooding mitigation.

2019-2020 (in progress). Collaboration with Centrale Marseille (Michel Benoit, Institut IRPHÉ) for Seaboost. Numerical modelling of waves propagation through an array of vertical cylinders: a preliminary step to design a mangrove-inspired wave damping system. 

2019-2020. Collaboration with I-Sea, Gaia Terre Bleue and GEOxyz for the Grand Port Maritime du Havre. Field campaigns to assess the dispersion of dredged sediment after disposal on the Octeville offshore area. Analysis of erosion fluxes and morpho-sedimentary evolutions of the deposition area.

2019. ACTIMAR for SABELLA. Assessment of the impacts of tidal turbines on sediment dynamic of the Fromveur channel. Support for numerical modelling and morpho-sedimentary expertise.

2018-2019. EGIS for SDI. Expert support for numerical modelling of fine sediment dispersion. Dredging and undersea rock excavations to facilitate La Rochelle harbour access.

2018-2019. SUEZ/ACTIMAR for Dembeni city council (Mayotte Island). Iloni beach : sediment dynamic analysis and assessment of planed solutions to mitigate beach and coastline erosion.

2018-2019. ACTIMAR for Ailes Marines (IBERDROLA). St-Brieuc offshore wind farm project. Sediment data analysis, support for the numerical modelling of induced turbidities and for the definition of turbidity monitoring during the construction phase.

2018-2019. SAFEGE/ACTIMAR for Petite-Ile city council (Reunion Island). Sediment dynamic analysis to assess the effects of the ocean pool extension;  overtopping calculations for the design of the dyke.

2018-2019. ACOA and ACTIMAR for St-Pierre city council (Reunion Island). Harbour development project. Sediment dynamic analysis. Expertise and support for numerical modelling.

2018-2019. UNIMA for the Oléron Island council. Sediment dynamic analysis and recommendations for beach nourishment (pointe de Prouard) and dredging (access channel of port du Douhet).

2017-2018-2019. SIDLA Baie de Sienne. Sediment Dynamic, Morphodynamic and Coastal Flood Risk studies. Within the framework of Régneville inlet and Hauteville coastal planning.

2018. DNV-GL for RTE. Analysis (update) of sand waves dynamics, cable landfall of DLT project.

2018. ANTEA for the COMMUNAUTE D’AGGLOMERATION DU COTENTIN. Analysis of sediment dynamics and coastal flooding processes, within the framework of ICZM Cotentin coastline.

2018. KERAN/CREOCEAN for the SYNDICAT MIXTE DU GRAND LEGUE. St.-Brieuc Le Légué Harbour, construction management of an additional quay. Sediment dynamic analysis, and support for numerical modelling (Creocean).

2018. Collaboration ACTIMAR, for the COMMUNE DE HYERES. Sediment dynamic analysis, support for numerical modelling (Actimar) and design of an engineering work to limit sand infilling of the « lône St-Lazare » river mouth.

2018. SUEZ/ACTIMAR for Seignosse city council. Assessment of the effects of storm water discharge on the sediment dynamics of Les Estagnots beach.

2018.  ACTIMAR for the La Londe-les-Maures city council. Study of the erosion and dispersion of nourished sand on the beaches of the municipality.

2018. DDTM50. Sediment dynamic analysis and recommendations for a multiple-row pile breakwater, Agon-Coutainville (Normandy) coastline.

2018. ACTIMAR for CINOR (Communauté Intercommunale du Nord de LA REUNION). Analysis of sediment dynamics, Sainte-Marie harbour development project.

2018. GEOLITHE for CC NOIRMOUTIER. Sediment dynamic analysis and beach nourishment design, for the protection of Luzéronde coastal area.

2017-2018. DHI for the INSTITUTTION d’AMENAGEMENT DE LA VILAINE. Analysis of extreme sea levels and estuarine hydrodynamic processes Within the framework of  a global Arzal dam management with climate change.

2017-2018. EDF-EN. Seabed evolution study. Dunkerque offshore windfarm project.

2017-2018. SDI/EMCC. Sediment dynamic analysis and support for numerical modelling (DHI). Brest harbour development project for marine renewable energy facilities.

2017. ACTIMAR for CC Méditerranée Porte Des Maures. Assessment of Pansard and Maravenne rivers engineering works on coastal sediment dynamic.

2017. ACTIMAR for CCI 22. Sediment dynamic expertise. Project for minimization of sediment deposition and dredging needs in Saint-Cast harbour.

2016-2017 (in progress). ACTIMAR for SAFEGE. Sediment dynamic expertise. Reunion Island new coastal highway project.

2016. RELECQ-KERHUON CITY COUNCIL. Study for the management of coastal sediments (beach nourishment).

2015-2016-2017 (in progress). DNV-GL/ACTIMAR for RTE. Sediment dynamic and morphodynamic studies for the cable landfall of two offshore windfarm projects (DLT and YNO).

2014-2015-2016-2017 (in progress). FRENCH NATIONAL HYDROGRAPHIC SERVICE. In collaboration with ACTIMAR : development of a sediment dynamic module for the HYCOM numerical model.

2015-2016. EMCC (VINCI). Analysis of Coastal Hydrodynamic and Sediment Dynamic for St-Nazaire (mouth of the Loire estuary, France) marine discharge pipeline.

2015-2016. TOTAL. Hydrodynamic, Sediment dynamic and scouring assessment along a gas pipeline, Yadana site (Myanmar).

2015-2016. EMCC (VINCI). Analysis of Coastal Hydrodynamic and Sediment Dynamic for Sables d’Olonne (Vendée, France) marine discharge pipeline.

2015. ATKINS/INNOSEA. Sediment dynamic, morphodynamic and scouring assessment for offshore windfarm projects.

2015-2016. Pays-de-La-Loire REGIONAL COUNCIL. In collaboration with CREOCEAN and Nantes University. Sediment dynamic processes analysis and engineering works assessment for the consolidation of the Gois submersible road.

2014-2015-2016. Association for Defence of Pointe du Cap Ferret. Consultancy for coastal erosion and flood hazards assessment and coastal protection design.

2015. MDL/INNOSEA/FUGRO for the GOLFE DE ST-TROPEZ territorial community. Hydrodynamic conditions analysis in the bay of Pampelonne for mooring design.

2015. Tram Beach residents. Coastal erosion analysis and assessment of coastal protections.

2014-2015 TOTAL. Analysis of coastal erosion processes and assessment of coastal protection systems in Cap Lopez (Gabon).

2014-2015. MANCHE REGIONAL COUNCIL. Assessments of the hydrodynamic and sediment dynamic impacts of the Barneville-Carteret harbor development project.

2014-2015 TOTAL. ARGENTINA. Assistance to the company for a sediment dynamic study assessment, pipeline landfall project.

2014. CREOCEAN for the FRENCH NATIONAL HYDROGRAPHIC SERVICE. Assessment of sediment initiation of motion for a R&D project related to passive acoustic measurements of sand motion.

2014. CREOCEAN for SLN (Société Le Nickel – New Caledonia). Sediment dynamic expertise of the impacts of SLN power plant outfalls in the Uaré Bay (Noumea). 

2014. CREOCEAN for the FRENCH MINISTRY OF DEFENSE. Analysis of hurricane waves features for Mururoa Atoll engineering works assessment.


Benoit Waeles as a Project manager / Technical advisor (2010 to present) and Coastal Engineer (2006-2009), Creocean company



2013-2014. PERENCO GABON. New gas pipeline project. In-situ measurements (ADCP and tide) and numerical modelling of the currents in the Gabon estuary.    

2013-2014. GUADELOUPE REGIONAL COUNCIL (French West Indies). Ilet-Caret Island: Hydrodynamic and Sediment dynamic studies for littoral erosion analysis and beaches nourishment.

2013-2014. LANGUEDOC-ROUSSILLON REGIONAL COUNCIL. Port-La Nouvelle harbour extension project. Hydrodynamic (tide, currents and waves) and sediment (sampling and turbidity) field data campaign.

2012-2013. DCNS. ETM (Ocean Thermal Energy) project offshore Martinique. Assessment of submarine landslide risk; hyperpycnal flow modelling. Collaboration with R. Silva Jacinto (Ifremer).

2012-2013. MARTINIQUE REGIONAL COUNCIL. Fort-de-France harbour extension project. Hydrodynamic and Sediment dynamic studies ; numerical modelling.

2012. VENDEE DEPARTMENT COUNCIL. Assessment of Pointe de la Fosse erosion trends and solutions for stabilization.

2012. OUVEA ISLAND, NEW CALEDONIA. ILES LOYAUTE PROVINCE COUNCIL.  Assessment of Ouvea coastal erosion. Wave and sediment dynamic modelling.

2010-2012. CHARENTE-MARITIME DEPARTMENT COUNCIL. Dynamic management of the sediments, Marennes-Oléron Bay. Sand and mud dynamic modelling. Collaboration with Ifremer and University of La Rochelle.

2010-2011. CALAIS PORT AUTHORITY. Calais 2015 extension project. Assistance to main contractor for sediment dynamic and morphodynamic studies.

2010-2011. ST-BREVIN CITY COUNCIL. Sediment dynamic study for rain outfalls system.

2010-2011. VENDEE DEPARTMENT COUNCIL. Fromentine navigation channel: Hydrodynamic, Sediment Dynamic and Morphodynamic Study. Numerical modelling and field data survey. Collaboration with X. Bertin (CNRS/University of La Rochelle).

2010-2011. PAYS DE LA LOIRE REGIONAL COUNCIL. Regional data and constraints mapping for a marine renewable energies site project and the development of these energies off Vendée and Loire-Atlantic coasts.

2009-2010. EDF ENERGIES NOUVELLES. FRANCE. Gruissan/Port La Nouvelle Offshore wind farm project. Hydrodynamic, Sediment Dynamic and Morphodynamic studies. Assessments: project impacts on Hydrodynamics (currents, wave propagation) and sediment Dynamics; Sand bars morphodynamic; Scouring processes.

2009-2010. CONFIDENTIAL CLIENT. Assessment of sand extraction, Iroise Sea (Brittany). Hydrodynamic and Sediment Dynamic modelling. ADCP current measurements.

2008-2009. LA COMPAGNIE DU VENT. FRANCE. Offshore wind farm project “Les Deux-Côtes”. Hydrodynamic and Sediment Dynamic studies. Assessments: project impacts on Hydrodynamics (currents, wave propagation) and sediment Dynamics; Marine sand dune morphodynamic; Scouring processes.

2008. LA ROCHELLE CITY COUNCIL. Hydrodynamic and Sediment Dynamic study for the Roux beach nourishment in La Rochelle.

2007. SAINT-JEAN-DEMONTS CITY COUNCIL. Hydrodynamic and Sediment Dynamic studies dedicated to the pier rehabilitation.

2007. PLOBANNALEC LESCONIL MUNICIPALITY. Assistance to main contractor for sediment dynamic and morphodynamic study with modelling of Ster River and estuary.


2013 (In progress). MEDCO Qatar. Contaminant dispersion study related to reclamation works.

2013. MEDCO QATAR. New port project (South of Doha). Sediment dispersion study related to dredging activities.

2012. AL HOCEIMA, MOROCCO. KINGDOM OF MOROCCO. Hydrodynamic studies for the development of Al Hoceima harbour.

2011-2012. PORT OF LA ROCHELLE. Sediment dynamic modelling of dredged mud for maintenance dredgings of Port of La Rochelle.

2011-2012. KOUROU CITY COUNCIL. FRENCH GUIANA. ZAC (business activity area) along the Kourou river. Hydraulic studies.

2010-2011. CALVADOS DEPARTMENT COUNCIL. Hydrodynamic (currents and waves) and fine Sediment Dynamic modelling within the framework of the Impact assessment study for maintenance dredgings of Dives and Grandcamp-Maisy harbours.

2010. LA COMPAGNIE DU VENT. FRANCE. Modelling of works-induced and dredging-induced fine sediment dispersion - Offshore wind farm project “Les Deux-Côtes”.

2008-2009. French Ministry of Finance and Economy for the North Morocco Promotion and Development Agency. MOROCCO. Assessment of hydrodynamic (waves, tide and currents) conditions along the coastal waters - North Morocco (Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts) – for yachting and fishing development.

2008-2009. LA ROCHELLE CITY COUNCIL. Les Minimes marina extension : fine Sediment Dynamic modelling of dredging materials, tests of disposal on several immersion sites. Collaboration with Ifremer Institute.

2008. CONFIDENTIAL CLIENT. FRANCE. Research programme on the Saint-Nicolas marine aggregate extraction site : Hydrodynamic and Sediment Dynamic modelling to assess the impacts related to extraction.

2006-2008. MONTE CARLO SEA LAND. MONACO. Land reclamation project. Assistance to main contractor for Hydrodynamic and Sediment Dynamic studies.

2007. PRIVATE CLIENT. LIBYA. Misurata port deepening project : dredging modelling within the framework of Environmental study.

2007. CAEN-OUISTREHAM AND CHERBOURG PORT AUTHORITY. Hydrodynamic and Sediment Dynamic modelling within the framework of the Impact assessment study for maintenance and initial dredgings of Caen-Ouistreham harbour

2006-2007. LACECO. JORDAN. Sediment Dynamic, MorphoDynamic and Water Quality modeling within the framework of the Saraya Aqaba resort project.


2012-2014 (In progress) ALSTOM. Data analysis and high-resolution hydrodynamic modelling. Raz-Blanchard (English Channel) Tidal Energy Project.

2011-2012. DCNS. Metocean study. Extreme wind, waves and current assessment. Data analysis and numerical modeling. ETM (Ocean Thermal Energy) project offshore Martinique (West Indies).

2011. OLT (Offshore LNG Toscana). ITALY. Metocean study assessment. North Tyrrhenian/Ligurian sea.

2010-2011. LA COMPAGNIE DU VENT. FRANCE. Metocean specifications dedicated to offshore wind turbines design, Offshore wind farm project “Les Deux-Côtes”.

2010. SULTANATE OF OMAN. MINISTRY OF FISHERIES. DEPARTMENT OF AQUACULTURE. Synthesis of General Meteorology and Oceanography Conditions. Preparation of atlas for suitable sites for establishing aquaculture in Oman.

2009-2010. EDF ENERGIES NOUVELLES. FRANCE. Gruissan/Port La Nouvelle Offshore Wind farm project. Metocean study. Data analysis and Modelling.

2009-2010. SARI-SOLENZARA CITY COUNCIL. CORSICA. Solenzara marina extension: studies concerning the modernizing, security and extension of the marina. Hydrodynamic, harbour agitation, Sediment Dynamic and Morphodynamic modelling.

2008. SOCIETE DE RECHERCHE DU PACIFIQUE. Wave atlas offshore Wallis and Vanuatu for wave energy assessment. 


2013. CALVADOS REGIONAL COUNCIL. Flood events risk assessment along Dives estuary; numerical modeling.

2011-2013. SOMME EQUIPMENT DEPARTMENT SERVICE. Marquenterre. Flooding model (tide, storm surges and wave overtopping) within the framework of the Risks Prevention Plan in the North coast (Marquenterre) of the Somme bay.

2011-2012. LA ROCHELLE CITY COUNCIL. Flooding study of Xynthia storm on Port Neuf and Ville en Bois neighborhoods. Expertise and numerical modelling (tide, storm surges and wave overtopping), design of coastal defense.

2010. CHÂTELAILLON-PLAGE CITY COUNCIL. Expertise and design of a spur dyke and beach nourishment for Châtelaillon North beach further to Xynthia storm.

2009. LA BAULE-LE POULIGUEN CITIES COMMUNITY. Hydrodynamic and flood risk study within the framework of La Baule-Le Pouliguen port works maintenance.

2008-2010. SOMME EQUIPEMENT DEPARTMENT SERVICE. Flooding model (tide, storm surges, dike-break induced flows and wave overtopping) within the framework of the Risks Prevention Plan in the South coast of the Somme bay.


2012-2013. SHELL. Drill cuttings dispersion modeling. New platforms project (offshore French Guiana).

2012-2013. CABINET MERLIN. OCP desalination plant project. Plume dispersion modeling.

2012. TOTAL. Oil spill modelling (MIKE-SA) in a specific area within the framework of model comparisons.

2011-2013. DCNS. 3D baroclinic Thermal and Haline plume modelling. ETM (Ocean Thermal Energy) project offshore Martinique (West Indies).

2010. VEOLIA. Vendée desalination plant project. Hydrodynamic studies.

2010. MINISTRY OF DEFENSE. FRANCE. Lanveoc-Poulmic Naval base water-treatment plant: impact study on marine environment. Plume modeling.

2009-2010. ROYAN CITY COUNCIL. Water quality study for beaches. Numerical modelling of wastewater dispersion.

2009. SGI INGENIERIE. MOROCCO. Safi city wastewater system : prior study and design of the future sea drainage channel with modelling of effluent discharge.

2008-2009. MAN DIESEL. Reunion Island, Martinique and Guadeloupe (West Indies). Numerical study of powerplant outfalls and intakes for 3 sites.

2008. PACIFIC WATER AND ENVIRONMENT AGENCY. NEW-CALEDONIA. Thermal plume modelling in the Noumea roadstead - SLN Power station project.

2007-2008. PLABENNEC AND ABERS DISTRICT COUNCIL. Operational assistance to main contractor for a plume modeling of microbiological intakes in Aber Benoit estuary.